Zhang Chuan

Zhang Chuan comes from Zigong, Sichuan Province. She is a doctoral supervisor and Professor of School of Economy and Management at Shanghai Maritime University, and the Director of the Institute of Management Accounting and Corporate Risks Control. Dr. Zhang received a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Central South University (CSU), a Ph.D in Accounting from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and was a post-doc research fellow in Xiamen University. She also holds the roles of Chief Accountant in Shanghai University of Electric Power and Shanghai Dianji University, Advisory Expert for Management Accounting inMinistryof Finance, Regulatory Expert for Education Expenditures in Ministry of Education, personnel of National Accounting Leaders and member of GCMA100, Certified Public Accountant in China and Special Invited Research fellow of Center for China’s Governmental Auditing Research. Dr. Zhang has published over 50 papers on journals, including The Journal of Corporate Accounting & Finance, Service Science Journal, Management World, Management Review, Accounting Research, Auditing Research, China Industrial Economics, China Accounting Review, Studies in Science of Science, Journal of Finance and Economies, Contemporary Finance & Economics, Research on Economics and Management, Journal of Accounting and Economics, Economy and Management and Journal of Audit & Economics. She has been a PI of about 20 research projects sponsored by national and provincial science foundations.