Chen Xiang

Chen Xiang, is a Vice President of Central South University, professor and doctoral supervisor of the Dermatological Department, Xiangya Hospital, Deputy Secretary General of Dermatovenereology Society of Chinese Medical Association and chairman of Hunan Dermatological Diseases Society of Chinese Medical Association. He is also the distinguished professor of “Yangtse River Scholar”, one of the first member of “Ten Thousand Talent Program” and one of the first winner of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars in 2013. Since 2008, he has been entitled to the special allowance from the State Council of the People’s Republic ofChina(PRC). Professor Chen Xiang has long been engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of various dermatological diseases, and conducted a series of basic and translational studies on molecular mechanisms, public health, research and development of new drug, and targeted medicine focusing on skin tumors and psoriasis diseases. All he did was to promote the development of dermatology inChina. At present, he has published over 80 SCI articles and won many academic rewards such as "the First Prize of Natural Science of Hunan Province". He has now undertaken more than 20 talent projects (including 1 basic research project of the Ministry of Science and Technology of PRC), including 9 projects under National Natural Science Foundation (1 project for distinguished young scholar, 1 key project and 1 national cooperation project, etc.).