Karen Ramsey-Idem

Karen Ramsey-Idem is Global Technical Operations Excellence and Capacity Planning Leader for Cummins Inc. In the past 20 years she has held a variety of technical responsibilities including leading an analysis and design organization will on an expat assignment inIndia.

Currently, Karen defines and executes the technical capital portfolio strategy across Cummins. She is also responsible for the technical center startup process used for executing both new technical centers and major changes to existing technical centers. Over the past six years she has been a core team leader for a major project inIndiaand spent approximately 25 percent of her time there in support of that work. She also is responsible for three smaller projects inChina.

Karen has a B.S., M.S., and PhD in mechanical engineering with an emphasis in applied mechanics and materials engineering. She is passionate about engineering as a career and helping individuals in underrepresented groups aspire to and succeed in STEM professions. She is a certified Six Sigma Green Belt and Sponsor; an accomplished facilitator for unconscious bias and inclusion moderated discussions; and a trainer in leadership development. Karen and her husband Steve have three adult children and live in rural middle Tennessee.